Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Is the world of testing conferences changing?

I was delighted today to hear on twitter a news of a change: Let's Test Conference 2017 is no longer #PayToSpeak. The conference Call for Proposals, open until Aug 21st states:

If your proposal is accepted, we offer lodging for two nights, all meals from Sunday dinner to Tuesday lunch, and this year we also offer to cover your travel expenses within reasonable fares/airfares.
Going to the conference page to verify the rumor, I also learned another great thing: the sessions they seek are hands-on testing.

Behind the scenes, I heard that another relevant conference in testing field is also thinking of moving away from #PayToSpeak. I hope it turns out to be true.

I took a screenshot of a presentation somewhere online with an amazing message.

Paying the stay AND the travel (=expenses) enables many of the voices that couldn't submit to submit.

If you are thinking of submitting and want to brush up your proposal, I'm happy to help as a Speak Easy mentor. And there's Speak Easy, who offers help in more wider scale than I can bend into.

I just went into using Calendly to book my sessions and will commit more time if you will also do a webinar for #TestGems.