Friday, August 26, 2016

How would I describe my new job?

Counting down to last week of my time at Granlund that I've wholeheartedly enjoyed, I'm starting to be dropping mentions on life after Granlund.

I have a new job. I've signed the contract. I've talked about the job but I have not done the job. Inspired by a tweet, I wanted to write down that I think it will be about.

My new job is with F-Secure. I'll work on the Corporate products, and in particular, the corporate security client product. I used to work for F-Secure 7 years ago, so I'm returning to a place I loved, that has changed just as much as I have changed while gone.

Last time I was there, I worked on the consumer client. Corporate is different. If there's one perception of how it is different that I have, it is one where the control over the environment isn't with the product company. Moving from a world where I could at will install new version for customers on a daily basis, this environment is bound to be more constrained.

My role is one of a Lead Quality Engineer. I have no idea what it really means or if people have expectations on it. For me it means I go to be a hands-on tester, who is senior enough to do test leadership through focusing on empirical evidence. I will never be "just a tester", but I will never be "just a manager" either. I'm both. And I will be a programmer whenever I feel like it, even if that identity still gets under-shadowed by others I hold more dear to me.

There's a few things I look forward in particular:
  • Solving the continuous feedback puzzle for the corporate side
  • Pair-testing with a dedicated automation specialist
  • Figuring out team work when there's an invisible wall of technology selection (C++ / Python) 
  • Untangling interrelations through empirical focus in cross-team larger organization setting
  • Delivering the first version on a seemingly unrealistic schedule by focusing on small incremental pieces of value - do less, smarter
  • Working with other testers who want to be awesome (this was what I loved about F-Secure 7 years ago - co-creating innovations on how we work) 
  • Organizing bunch of local meetups with a company that has great location and openness to invite others to learn with us
  • Having conference (keynote) speaking as part of my work instead of my hobby on the side
I can't wait to start on these. Sad to go, and excited to start on something new.