Friday, December 30, 2022

Baselining 2022

I had a busy year at work. While working mostly with one product (two teams), I was also figuring out how to work with other teams without either taking too much to become a bottleneck or to take so little I would be of no use. 

I got to experience by biggest test environment to this date in one of the projects - a weather radar. 

I got to work with a team that was replacing and renewing, plus willing and able to move from test automation (where tests are still isolated and entered around a tester) to programmatic tests where tests are whole team asset indistinguishable from other code. We ended up this year finalising the first customer version and to add 275 integrated tests and 991 isolated tests to best support our work - and get them to run green in blocking pipelines. The release process throughput times went from 7 hours from last commit to release to 19 minutes from last commit to release, and the fixing stage went from 27 days to 4 days. 

I became the owner of testing process for a lot of projects, and equally frustrated on the idea of so many owners of slices that coordination work is more than the value work. 

I volunteered with Tivia (ICT in Finland) as a board member for the whole year, and joined Selenium Open Source Project Leadership Committee early autumn. Formal community roles are a stretch, definitely. 

I got my fair share of positive reinforcement on doing good things for individuals salaries and career progression, learning testing and organising software development in smart ways some might consider modern agile. 

I spoke at conferences and delivered trainings, total 39 sessions out of which 5 were keynotes. I added a new country on my list of appearances, totalling now at 28 countries I have done talks in. I showed up at 7 podcasts as guest. 

I thought I did not write much into my blog, and yet this post is 42nd one of this year on this blog, and I have one #TalksTurnedArticles on and one article in IT Insider. My blog has now 840 222 hits, which is 56 655 more than a year ago. 

I celebrated my Silver Jubilee (25 years of ICT career) and started out with a group mentoring experiment of #TestingDozen. 

I spent monthly time reflecting and benchmarking with Joep Schuurkes, did regular on-demand reflections with Irja Strauss, ensemble programmed tests regularly with Alex Schladebeck and Elizabeth Zagroba and met so many serendipitous acquaintances from social media that I can't even count it. 

I said goodbye to twitter, started public note taking at mastodon and irregularly regular posting on LinkedIn. I am there (here) to learn together.