Sunday, October 24, 2021

Talks Turned Articles

At my blog, I write whatever I feel like writing down. With blog posts, I accept that the posts are windows to my thoughts, representing whatever I had as context in the moment. People read some of it, some of them connect with me on the topics I am discussing. The temporal nature of blogging means it that I don't expect to write here sources that would be useful as articles and references, but different perspectives that I am processing towards those articles and references - and talks. 

I am committed to writing proper articles, and I have different collaboration platforms I share those articles on. By an article, I am thinking of something that should be useful even if you don't came to it at the time it was written, that somehow collates work in a more concise package. Articles should stand on their own, and teach you something that new people need to learn, again and again. 

Talks delivered, however, are something in between. The spoken format allows for - and requires - contents in a style and format we rarely write in. Talks are created to stay valid for a longer time, but the way they are presented is very temporal. A lot of times when I choose talks to conferences, I find myself using a phrase "not a talk, should be an article". 

Thus I find it interesting to experiment with something in between. I have started writing some of my talks after delivering them once. Video is available but who watches videos as replay when there is continuous stream of new content. I call this experiment #TalksTurnedArticles and you can find those on my profile

The latest in the collection is the talk I delivered today at TestFlix: Better Ideas at Test Design. Before that I published my favorite experience of transformations Practice Makes Better - 5x to Continuous Releases. And first in this series was Exploring Pipelines

These are articles in the sense that they are content I believe will stand the test of time. They are in a different place so that this place remains as low bar to write on my experiences, which turn to summarized talks and articles usually on cycle of some years. 

In addition to #TalksTurnedArticles, I chose as the place to host my full courses as text. The first one is available already: Exploratory Testing Foundations

You follow what I write here, but my best writing - at least to my standards - resides elsewhere.