Friday, August 3, 2018

Framing an experiment for recruiting

I was having a chat with my team folks, and we talked about how hard it is to feel connected with people you've never met. We had new colleagues in a remote location, and we were just about to head out to hang out and work together to make sure we feel connected. My colleagues jump into expressing the faceless nature of calls, triggering me to share a story on what I did this summer.

During my month of vacation, I talked to people over video, each call 15 minutes, about stuff they're into in testing. I learned about 130 topics, each call starting with the assumption that everyone is worthwhile yet we need some way of choosing which 12 end up on stage. Majority of them I talked face to face, and I know from past years that for me it feels as if we really met when we finally have a chance to physically be in the same space.

This is European Testing Conference Call for Collaboration process, and I cherish every single discussion the people have volunteered to have with me. These are people and everyone is valuable. I seek stories, good delivery and delivery I can help become good because the stories are worth it for the audience I design for.

This story lead to to say that I want to try doing our recruiting differently. I want to change from reading a CV and deciding if that person is worth talking to into deciding that if they found us worthwhile of their time, they deserve 15 minutes of my life.

I've automated the scheduling part, so my time investment with experience of 2 years and 300 calls is that I know how to do this without it eating away my time. All I need is that 15 minutes. I can also automate the rules of when I'm available for having a discussion and leave scheduling for the person I will talk to.

So with the 15 minutes face time, what will we do? With European Testing Conference we talk about talk ideas and contents of the talks. With recruitment process, we test for testers, and we code for programmers. And my teams seem to be up for the experiment!

My working theory is that we may be losing access to great testers by prematurely leaving them out. Simultaneously, we may be wasting a lot of effort in discussing if they should make it further in out processes. We can turn this around and see what happens.

Looks like there is a QE position I could start applying this next week! And a dev position we can apply it in about a month.

Meeting great people for 15 minutes is always worth the time. And we are all great - in our own different unique ways.