Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Seeing symmetry and consistency

Morning at office starts off with news of relevant discussions that took place while I was gone. So I find myself standing next to a whiteboard, with a messy picture of scribbled boxes, arrows, acronyms. And naturally none of it would make sense without a guide.

But with a guide, I quickly pick up what this is about. A new box is introduced. Number of arrows is minimized. The new box has new technology, and I ask some questions to compare and contrast that to the other technologies we're using to figure out if there's a risk I'd raise right now.

I also see symmetry. There's boxes for similar yet different purposes. Pointing out the symmetry as a thing that makes sense from testing perspective (I know what to test on the new thing, as it is symmetrical to the old thing) gets approving nods.

I end up not raising up risks, but complimenting the choices for symmetry and choices of leaving boxes without changes that I was expecting they might be changing simultaneously just because we can.

There's hope for incremental development.