Friday, September 9, 2016

Other lessons shadowed by Mob Testing

Reflecting what discussions took place in the last two days of Mob Testing on a course, I realized there is a pattern I think I'm seeing when teaching in this format:
Mob Testing overshadows the other testing lesson I'm trying to teach. 
Regardless of what my first exercise on testing is, people talk only on observations about Mobbing. And that is not a surprise: mobbing for majority of people is awesome new experience and they need to share both their love of the experience and concerns on "this wouldn't work at our office". And then there are sometimes some people who hate the format. I've now met one who describes the experience as causing anxiety "my brain melts and I can't think". But all in all, the focus with first exercise is in the mobbing.

During two days of mob format exercises, the discussion changes back away from the mechanism of how we learn to what we are learning about. So it feels that mobbing eats away the other learning for people unfamiliar with the style and I need to adjust my teaching to accommodate that.

Instead of having my first lesson in mob being a central one (like ability to create Selenium scripts or Exploratory Testing with Charters), I need the first one to be something people know already.

It's hard to pay attention to all the learning going on at once. Need to figure out leveling things appropriately.