Friday, June 24, 2016

Resurrecting signature series of webinars

You have relevant experience. Yes, I mean *you*. Every. Single. One. Of. You.

You might be considering speaking about that experience. Something you find interesting and relevant. Or something your friends around you tell you is interesting and relevant.

I'm volunteering to facilitate a webinar stage with Ministry of Testing to get these experiences out. 

I've facilitated communities long enough to believe that people will vote with their feet (and use of time) on where they want to show up, and we can give chances of things to emerge.

I've run conferences long enough to believe that hearing a presenter trumps any abstract.

I've spoken in conferences and meetups long enough to know that only practice, feedback and reflection takes us forward. And failing to provide value in a talk can be done safely!

My working name for this is signature series. Deliver the talk you might want to be known for. When you want to change your signature, deliver another one. You get to choose if the one you delivered was a one-time delivery, of if we keep it as your current signature.

When you want to speak at a conference, you'll have something to refer to. It could be your first conference talk, or it could be your first keynote you're prepping for, or anything in between.

The stage is free. Let's start scheduling the sessions. Get in touch:

There's too much good we haven't yet found. So many great voices and experiences. Time to do something about it.

(As with most of my offers, I want to see you succeed so I'm happy to give help you before your delivery. And I personally commit to giving you feedback, if you want it.)