Friday, February 5, 2016

Join us for a training around TestBash?

TestBash 2016 is sold out (good job people, great choice!) except for people who are joining also the pre-conference training courses. Whether you care for joining the absolutely wonderful crowd of participants and speakers for the TestBash main event, I'd like to tell you that you should join the course I'm doing with Llewellyn Falco on Wednesday March 9th: Collaborative Exploratory and Unit Testing.

I wanted to give you a bit of background info on the course, with the hope that it would make you realize that you or a colleague of yours should be there.

I'm a really good tester, and I specialize in doing the work at my day job, and distilling it into a teachable format on the side. Llewellyn is a brilliant developer, and an agile technical coach teaching developers throughout the world. And the two of have a connection, that enables us to do something that rarely happens: we bring together the best of testing as testers know it (as performance) and the best of testing as developers know it (as artifact creation).

During our 1,5 years of collaboration, we've learned to cross-pollinate ideas from the two communities and put them together in a special pairing style called strong-style pairing and a special teaching / working style called mob programming. I believe both of these styles are transformative work the ways we work at the office, and the troubles we have as testers and developers - I can surely say they have been that for me and my developers.

This course creates you an experience to go through lessons we've gone through, to feel the amazement of all the things a professional tester sees when they look at an application, and how those insights we create, as we work closely with professional programmers, can transform into working and maintainable test automation that is worth having.

Shall we meet you around TestBash to work out on this together? You can sign up here.