Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From test of the need to building the program

Today, October 20th, is the last day we sell Super Early Bird tickets (350 euros) for the European Testing Conference. All of our tickets are cheap in relation to the conference contents we're setting up, but this is ridiculously cheap for a 2-day professional conference in a high-end location in Bucharest, with great international speakers.

Two weeks ago we set out to test the need of this conference and support in the community by setting a goal of people showing us they want us to do this by buying the tickets. On the last day, we are at 85 % of our goal, with belief you will take us above our set limit. Two weeks ago, I was feeling moments of despair fearing what the decision to test would reveal. But it is revealing that you're with us.

We've started our call for co-creation. That is to say that this event is from us the organizers as part of the community to the overall community. We think we know some great speakers as we follow our craft intensely and have been around. But we also know that our sample is the visible contributors from around the world. We need the community to help us find them so that we can reach out to them, inviting them to share with us for you.

We do not limit ourselves to call for co-creation. We seek the best speakers and contents, both with you and without you, co-creating it with the speakers. And we believe we can do this, because we have set our conference uniquely to pay the speakers for the work they do. With this, we're changing the world of testing conferences that sometimes appears to mostly enable people whose companies have something to market.

A few people have asked why buy the ticket without knowing the content. My answer is to look at the list of organizers and the sessions we do in conferences around the world, that sets a bar (which is not low) on contents we will be offering and decide on whether you would trust us with your money to be invested in the best possible testing learning experience combining testing as we know it as developers, testers and analysts.

We've intentionally revealed so far only that Linda Rising will be with us to encourage us into the days of practice. Linda is the author of a book Fearless Change, and speaks from a vast experience of being around a while to the hearts of people. When I first heard her speak at Turku Agile Days, I left the room crying and I wasn't alone. Her talks move people and change the world. And now she joins to change the world of testing with us.

I will make sure I can say as positive things about every one of our speakers, not just the keynotes. That's why we co-create. We get to know you. We want to help you shine. And through this, we all win. We're creating a balanced conference of practical testing, with an agile slant as we believe in fast feedback. You'll want to be there.

Oh, the normal ticket price is now available: it's 750 euros. The Super Early Bird price is available only today.