Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nominated for the Finnish Tester of the Year -candidate

It's the time of the year when nominations for candidates for the Finnish Tester of the Year -award are out, and I learned I'm on the nominees list: for the 8th time. Yes, the award has been  given seven times before, and I've been nominated as candidate every year. And every year someone else has won.

The competition has a rule that you are ruled out of nominees if you have won. And I feel sometimes just a little frustrated on the post-vote comments that many people assumed I must have already won once, since I deserve to win.

I wanted to roughly translate what was said about me by an anonymous this year as basis of nominating me:

"Maaret Pyhäjärvi brings forth testing nationally and internationally. Last year e.g. in EuroSTAR program committee, as the architect of Helsinki Testing Day, organizer of several application development seminars, Agile Finland board etc etc etc. If activity was the measure, Pyhäjärvi would have deserved to win the title every year since 2007. This woman breathes testing!" 

That's beautifully said about me. I feel honored, even though I did ask all people close to me not to put me on the list again, I missed someone or this was written by someone who did not take my request seriously. And it was someone who put an effort into writing an updated description of what I've been up to.

The rules say that a Finnish Tester of the Year candidate is someone who:
  • has inspired colleagues or other organizations in increasingly better testing
  • brought fourth ideas and trends from the world into Finnish testing
  • has positively impacted the birth of a testing culture in their own organization
  • has influenced the results of testing activity (test coverage, issues found etc) in own organization or in the community
  • has done test-related innovations, rationalizing improvements or created new ways of doing testing
  • has had impact on the birth of testing as a profession in Finland
  • has influenced finnish testing culture and tester profession development positively
  • OR in other ways improved the abilities to do testing
You could vote for me to help me get away from this honor of being nominated every year: