Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of Year at Work

I spend the last working day at the office analyzing what we have accomplished in a year. I'm a tester, not never just a tester. I like to know what happens around me.

For one team, I learned that we delivered 11 versions, 30 features worth mentioning over those versions. Some of the 30 features were delivered incrementally, but looking at them now, mentioning them many times for the year just isn't the thing to do. The 30 features included about 200 Jira issues related to business value to deliver in increments. I also was reminded, that out of these features there is one that has not been tested by the professional testers, but by the developer with help of some users - not "system tested" would be the term we use. I could not help but feeling satisfied, especially after looking at all the changes we've done on how we work together as a team.

As usual, there's a but... I spend my time with two teams, and the other one isn't quite where I would hope us to be. I actually cannot count how many features worth mentioning there are since the bookkeeping isn't quite up to par - that would be a significant work effort to analyze. But I can count bugs, although I shouldn't.

I'm sharing a management summary of some percentages here.

The first team isn't perfect, but at least its fun to work with. The second team depresses me, as I seem to continuously fail at helping people see that testing by the customers can be a risk they don't intend to take and that there are problems to find that are not found if testing does not happen.

I don't care who tests, but it should be someone who sees a problem when it waves at you. Seems my developers, in both teams,  are still on the way to learn how to surface and recognize problems. Well, something to do in the 2014 still as I don't give up.