Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Refining agile to see what and why for Agile Finland

I'm organizing an aquarium discussion for August on finding a purpose for Agile Finland. I took the idea from someone at latest Agile Dinner / Drinks, and it should be fun hearing what people have to say on what we should be and do.

With the small group I talked with on the Agile Drinks session, we seemed to be quite well in synch with what we'd like. We'd like to shift focus from the adjective 'agile' into words that seem more meaningful like productive, results-oriented and happy. The things we value when we seek agile as opposed to not-agile.

Back with the purpose: nothing special, just save Finland, tweeted one of the discussion participants. The idea that valuable software is a key asset for the future here, we need to seek ways to collaborate and to do it better - for all roles in development and in touch with development.

I know I no longer want to waste my life into planning for an acceptance test for a year and a half, only to learn that either the plan fails (even though it was updated throughout the wait time) or that when the plan is successfully executed, the testing done is of no value really. I want to plan continuously, and do continuously. And learn from both our successes and failures.