Free mentoring/coaching

I love to help people grow in their testing / software development skills within my availability. Consider getting in touch with me for this!

With limited availability, I seem to be using these principles:
  • I favor women and Europeans (while coaching/mentoring many men outside Europe)
  • I favor people who show remarkable talent, drive and and insight in discussions with them
I volunteer as a Speak Easy mentor often picking up my mentees online / from conferences, meetups and groups. 

I organize a monthly online group for people being or aspiring to be conference speakers. We run the group as an online lean coffee: participants bring the topics we discuss together in time-boxed manner following the participant's energy.

I coach people through pair/mob exploratory testing. Book a time with me online to try it out, or join one of the mobs I organize, e.g. through Tech Excellence Finland.

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